Trainees are introduced as staff

from day 1 of the course

After working for many years as a teaching assistant and unqualified teacher I decided that I wanted to do my training and become a qualified teacher. Having already worked in school for many years the MSC offered me the perfect route into becoming a teacher. I was able to train on the job and gain experience from experienced teachers, and still undertake the academic training to gain my PGCE. The perfect combination! The MSC offer a great route into teaching if you don’t want to go back to university, so because of that I think it will be perfect for many people. 

Q. My one piece of advice would be… Take every challenge one step at a time. You are not supposed to be outstanding on day one. Don’t get disheartened and use every challenge and hurdle as a way to make your teaching outstanding.

Q. What makes a great Teacher? Commitment, perseverance & love of the job!

Q.The biggest learning curve of your training year? DIFFERENTIATION in a class of 30. This took me a long time to overcome, however with excellent support from my mentor I was able to master it and make my lessons accessible to all levels of ability in my lesson.

Q. The best lesson you have observed and why? A 6th form lesson. It was not all swinging and dancing, the teacher actually just spoke to the pupils. However, he was amazing, his knowledge and the way the pupils hung of every word he said was inspirational!

Kirsty, current MSC History trainee, based at Millfield School 

"Ever since I started secondary school I wanted to become a PE teacher. I was inspired by the brilliant PE department that taught me during my time at school.

When I was researching where to train to teach, the MSC was recommended by various members of staff and past trainees. The interview process was good, with a chance to show your teaching as well as an in-depth interview with various MSC colleagues and staff from MSC Partner Schools.

I was extremely happy with my home school, as not only was the School well suited to me, my location was also taken into account. I knew I would be under excellent guidance, as the School is one of the best in the country. I received a very warm welcome from all the staff, My Mentor and ITTc have been brilliant in helping me settle in. 

Last week we had training centred on Pupil Referral Units, this was First class training, the most valuable session so far, very well delivered and informative.

I would certainly recommend the MSC, we are all very well looked after and help is always available. The 40 trainees are all from very different backgrounds and we find it easy to talk and share ideas, we get on very well."

Tom currently teaches at Taunton School

"I would certainly recommend the MSC, we are very well looked after &  help is always available." Tom, 2013




Katy works at Crispin

School in the MFL department

"I have always been interested in teaching. After leaving University I started teaching  English as a foreign language, I looked for ways to train to teach languages, but I struggled as I only knew one language. 

I began to work as an LSA in a Bristol School, this only cemented my desire to teach. I really wanted to be able to do more and  I knew I had more to give than my role as an LSA allowed. The MSC was highly recommended to me by a former MSC trainee. The Interviews were executed well, I  felt that I was assessed on my ability to be in a classroom and to engage with pupils which is important- you could have the best subject knowledge in the world but not be able to relate/ engage/ stand up in front of students. or the other way round!

The most valuable training session so far has been “Behaviour management” with Simon Casebourne and the MSC has organised extra subject training in different local Schools throughout the year, This was really helpful.

I would definitely recommend the MSC to someone looking to train to teach! The staff are very supportive, the course is well put together, from conversations with teachers and other University PGCE students I think we are getting a far better level of training and a more varied selection of lectures/info. Everyone at the MSC is lovely! Very supportive, knowledgeable and generally ace."        

"...from conversations with teachers and other University PGCE students I think we are getting a far better level of training..." Katy, 2013

Katy works at Crispin School & is completing further M-level studies with MSC

Kate trained to teach English, she

was based at The Blue School, now

she teaches at Crispin School and

delievers English subject training for

the MSC.

Expectations of the training year…

"I feel that I was given a very honest account of what to expect from the course before applying. I was told it would be one of the hardest years of my life and would challenge many of the beliefs and assumptions I had about myself others around me, on the other hand it would be extremely rewarding and the overall view that I would be given of working full time in one school and the responsibilities this entails would thoroughly prepare me for my subsequent years of teaching. I would say that this was a fairy accurate projection. Having initially had little idea of what to expect and how to communicate with young people of this age, I have had to adjust and amend many of my expectations throughout the course of the year." 

"I believe education is the enabler to a successful and fruitful life, and am therefore super passionate about learning and helping our youth of today. The MSC came by recommendation for being very well coordinated, excellent opportunities for CPD and producing a high rate of outstanding teachers. The interview process was thorough, I was very happy to be staying at my current school, where I worked prior to starting the course, which the MSC have supported fully.

"The training on Tuesdays is always interesting"

My favourite parts of the year so far: I have really enjoyed writing at Masters Level as part of gaining the PGCE qualification. I have also hand the opportunity to attend extra subject courses ran by the Prince’s Trust, funded by the MSC, I would definitely recommend these courses as the quality of training for people new into teaching is excellent. It is very insightful, informative and real, which often text books are not! I am looking forward to my second School placement in the new year, the mentor seems very welcoming and helpful."       

Kate works at Crispin School in the English Dept.      

"I would definitely recommend the MSC to other people, it is a very personal experience" Geoff, Maths Trainee


"I have always loved to teach, especially Mathematics. I chose the MSC as it was a local school based provider and they have an Outstanding Ofsted report, which is evident in their delivery. The interview process was designed to get to know you and more importantly why you wanted to teach, saying that it wasn’t scary at all. My home School is amazing, a really lovely place to work.

The training on Tuesdays is always interesting, the best part for me is going back to the School and trying out my ideas with a pupil. The most beneficial training so far has been an all-day conference on Special Educational Needs. How to teach all the children in a classroom is a real challenge and knowing more about SEN was really useful. I would definitely recommend the MSC to other people, it is a very personal experience, much better than an academic route into teaching. My second School placement will take place after Christmas, that will be an amazing opportunity to learn more from a different team, work in a new environment and get to know more pupils.

The staff at the MSC are really helpful, organising training, getting the right books and they even provide cake every week." 

Geoff is based at Gryphon School

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